Happy Easter HIH!
While celebrating the holiday and spending time with family and friends, many of us will be involved in an Easter Egg Hunt. Well Halo fans, I figured this to be the perfect time to remind you of the Easter Eggs in the Halo series! First, visit HBO's Halo Egg Page to catch up on the classics, then peruse our own Halo 2 Easter Egg Page. Make sure you see these goodies with your own eyes in-game sometime soon!

Finally, don't forget that Frankie has said we've not found every little Egg in either game. There are still some Eggs hidden, so grab your basketcase and do a little Halo Egg Hunting for old times' sake!

Happy Easter indeed to the HIH community.
Happy Easter....don't forgot about your eggs!
Chocolate covered nipples FTW!
Merry Easter!

zmanjr7 says:

zman, did you draw that? It's totally pimp!
galador says:

zman, did you draw that? It's totally pimp!

Haha no, sadly I did not draw that. If I remember right this first appeared in some magazine. EGM mb. But yea..Google FTW.

i wonder if bungie will tell us the eggs when halo 3 comes out.

-Happy Easter!