Now, with even more awesome!
(GT)Juggler (long time Halo community dude) wrote to me the other day requesting that we mention a project that he's heavily involved in. I'm fairly certain HBO mentioned this, but for everyone who didn't see it, here's how Juggler describes it:

I wanted to point out a 4 part machinima that my group and I produced for a Machinima class at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. It uses the Halo 2 engine as well as Half Life 2, Second Life, and Unreal 2004, all intertwined. Also, Maya was used for some of the 3d effects, and was put together in Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. We had 8 students working on it for the class, had only 4 and a half weeks of production time, and came away with something we are proud of.

He started a thread on our forum where you can find more information, and links to the videos.

That was epic.

Indeed it was.