Dual-wielding videos is pretty
This post was written up by Terminator, but I had some problems moving the thread (sorry), so his name doesn't appear on the frontpage. Still, great writeup:

In the sky! It's a bird! It's a hippo! It's a RandomCTG dual wielding Campaign Videos? That's right, random Random has helped refresh our tricking thirst by tossing out two impressive videos, Remmenissions, and Bypassing the Metropolis Checkpoint Zone.

I don't get it either.

Anyway, Remmenissions has three jaw dropping tricks that are so simple, you'll want to do them all for yourself. Provided you can Sword Fly. Step aside, Map Pack!

The second video is an awesome tutorial that shows you how to bypass a Checkpoint that is responsible for loading the whole second half of the level. The result? Emptiness. *Echo!* Drop by for a peek or two, it'll be worth your while. :)

I love it when people do the work for me. :) Enough news for now I think.

Thanks for the big ketchup (*poke*) on the News Posting Mr. Duke. :) *Buys drink*
Termy so needs to be the official news writer when Duke and POTS are busy.