In the military now...
Good ole Master Chief was kind enough to lend yours truly a hand in some Outskirts Tricking in order to show some snooty civilian up, if turning on the Xbox and eating everything in my fridge is lending a hand. In this video, In the Military Now, "we" toyed with a few heavy objects and tried to see how high in the sky we could get them! And by "we" I mean me, myself, I, and no help from Master Lazy. The video has good music, editing, and no-help-from-that-couch-potato-Chief-tastic content, so drop by for a good ole Military-styled time!

Great video, definitely FP worthy.

Decision: FP worthy.
Reason: Cool tricking, good music, and edited for content. Great job, Termy.

Nice writeup, too. :)
Simple fact of the matter is that the civilian got destroyed. Every time he wants his car he's gotta get MC to knock if off the tower for him. -_-