Who says Halo isn't an art?
The Machinima Forum has been brewing some worth-while films you may want to watch, if you have that artistic taste. Or if you like Movie Roundups. Or just have a sence of humor, which ever is cheapest.

We have two, moving music videos made from the songs, 'How to Save a Life' by Fray, and, 'In the End' by Linkin Park. 'How to Save a Life', made by Turtle Mann, uses a beautiful song and Halo 2 film to weave together an emotional piece that will give you goosebumps. 'In the End', made by ClearviewPro and Dagerus, paints the story of man fighting ruthlessly to save his girlfriend; all in vain. Another well edited and moving piece, well done gents.

And last but not least, Noobs on Tape has announced their return, and they bare a new, comical video, titled, "Grasshopper." It's a humerous video that will lift your spirits after watching the saddening music videos.

Be sure not to miss out on any of this precious art!

Might wanna put in a link for the "In the End" one. ;P
Eek, I thought I linked it. >_< Hehe.... heh. Thanks. *Dashes*
EDIT: Fixed.
Looks very good to me, though I do not follow anything but the Tricking Forums here at HIH. If it's not my realm, I'll toss in my thoughts for you guys :)

Jesus, you've been Newsposter for like, 10 minutes!

Record time, Termy! :)
Teh Roundup strikes again!

Time to get this thing back in its old form mb? Weekly stuff mb?

That is...if the Machininma forum is active enough, although I'm sure with Halo3 it will be full force.

Heh, I posted this thread in News Submission the other day, glad to see these videos FPed, they deserved it.
Noobs on Tape is finally back yay. I watched the new one and my favourite is still "Yoda" because of the little kid's reaction when he finds out he's been scammed.
Wow, thanks a lot for the mention.

It's always rewarding to see people enjoying your videos. :)

In The End was very well done. By far one of my favorite music videos to date.