Mmmmm...the yumminess of Bungie Day
It's not like you guys won't check HBO or yourselves, but I'm mentioning this because I was blown away by the Quicktime 360 degree movies of the new Mark VI armor variants on display on this morning. Not only does the armor look incredible, but the animation is simply stunning. It's nearly movie quality. Wow.

Hehe, Mark V was in Halo 1. These are Mark VI variants. Also, I put up a link here of a rar of image sequences of all four 3D images.

EDIT BY DUKE: That's what I get for typing up news before my first cup of joe. :( Thanks.
Anybody else notice a small sequence of text on one of the images of the first brute chopper? Maybe it means something.
i love how much of the huge, vehical map you can see on the chopper animation
on the CQB armor, it shows the bungie logo, then if you move to the right spot, it says "don't make us kick your a$$"

also, for the chopper video, i wonder if thats the new camera angles to replay
Was anybody else paying attention to Bungie's secret message or the map's background?
Man, the gamer pictures suck though I wish they had some better ones but thanks any ways Bungie.
I noticed something, Bungie wasn't kidding when they said complete armour customization! Look at the chest and shoulders of the spartans. In the other pictures of the QCB armour, the chest was those two circles that the EVA is wearing and the shoulders were different. SWEET!

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Those pictures killed my hopes for H3.
Now only Marty has my faith.