Jump Tactics trick video archive
Yet another trick video archive has been added by the hard working archive team, and this time it's Jump Tactics. This group has churned out many videos of excellent Halo trick jumping stunts, and I'm pleased to see their work collected in one place. The archive team did a tremendous job with this one - easy to read, and purty to look at. Give it look and watch some vids.

NOTE: The Halo Trick Archive section has become two pages, so don't forget to click the next page for additional archives. I'm going to try to remedy that.

Well done Archive Team! I am proud to know such hard workers. :) I may not be a fan of Multiplayer or stuff, but the archive does look good.

You guys do your job well. Great work. :)
Oh honey...
nice work- great archive for a great clan.
verrrry nice