1:33:06 complete Halo 2 run
Over at HighSpeedHalo, there's a news post about the single segment Halo 2 run that Scurty just pulled off, and wow! This is a good one. 1:33:06 total time, with sword flying galore. Stop by his thread for more details and comments.

Keep all children and small animals away from Scurty.
scurteh is teh raepmaster.
scurty is a scary man. Eek. I dont wanna go anywhere near him when he's workin'.
*Pictures scurty working diligently on college work. Scurt leans over his desk and scribbles furiously. Gilly is behind him, looking over his shoulder. He is in a cold sweat. He is panting with fear, but scurty doesn't notice him. Gilly trys to take a step backwards to flee. Scurty continues to write. Gilly takes another step.

Scurty doesn't flinch.

Gilly becomes bolder. He takes 3 steps. And still, scurty writes. Gilly is swelling with hope, "I'm gonna live! I'm gonna live!!" He jumps from his postion to the door. As he places his hand on the door knob, he hears scurty's chair crash to the floor with an earshatering thud!

Gilly spins around to see scurty standing up with crazed, bloodshot eyes. Foam is dripping from his mouth. He is franticaly trying to sword fly at Gilly with his essay and sharpened pencil. It isn't working.

Gilly is scared now, but he manages to open the door, and when he opens it up, there is a butler with a fancy silver tray with a silver dome covering its dish. In the refelection, Gilly sees scurty flying through the air, pencil raised.

He ducks, and scurty stabs the butler's head off. He howls in anger, and gives pursuit to the Gilly running frantically down the halls, hoping to get to the elevator. He opens the doors and scrambles inside. Scurty was still in chase, and as a final attempt, he made one last lunge at Gilly. The doors closed around his wrist and broke it off. The echoing screech of pain filled the elevator and slowly faded away.

Gilly looked down at the hand, pencil still clutched in its grasp. It twitched. Gilly stamped on the hand, hoping to silence it. The elevator doors opened, and 30 girlscouts were waiting for Gilly.


They swarm over him, and muffle him with marshmellow mushies. Our hero dies a horrible death by American processed food.*

Thee end! :D

Oh yeah, and congrats on the sick run scurty. =)
That was quite the post, Term.

Quite the post.. don't tell anybody that really happened!
Termeh, maybe I havent said this before, but I so totally friggin luff thee.

Post of the week.
its amazing how fast you did it even with the deaths.