"And for my first trick...!"
We are upon the day, and the sun rises in the East, but it is cloaked by death's shroud, the Storm of forty days and nights...

Before you go nuts trying to trick and explore the nether realms of the game's bowels, please PLAY through the Campaign for the full effect of the story and beautiful landscapes. Bungie is very proud of this installment, and from what I've seen so far they have every right to be. Give them the pleasure of playing their game before you start trying to take it apart. We'll have years to do that. For now, don't begrudge yourself a great gift by instead trying to be the "first' at something. Who first boated down the Grand Canyon? That's right, you have no idea because no one really cares (aside from me... and other tricking nerds [Powell">).

The thrill of tricking is in the exploration and the fun that comes from sharing your exploits with others. Just keep in mind that HIH is about documenting, enjoying, and sharing tricks and eggs. Land on the moon, please, but lend a helping hand to those behind you. Let's have fun, everyone, and explore this new unknown with courage and unity.

Well said.

I wanted to get everything out of Halo 3 I could without tricking (at least not too much, it's hard to not do it at all), in the campaign.. and I am so far succeeding in those wants.

I have been ignoring all invites and such to any sort of MP, CMP, etc. tricking at all. In fact, the only person I've played with on live is a good friend (from real life..) of mine (and in co-op too).

Sorry @ those I've been ignoring, Raiden'll be back soon. :p