Alpha Project
Enjoy a good foreign flick every now and again? Enjoy get getting your face rocked right off your head? If you answered yes to either of these questions (preferably both) than this series of videos is perfect for you.

Co0oX brings us Alpha Project, a compilation of six campaign videos separated by level, one multiplayer video on Highground, and one video showing the locations of all 14 skulls.

Whether you've been with us for awhile or are just starting out, I recommend that you give just one of these videos a try. If you aren't hooked by the first video... I just don't know what to say to you. The only problem I could find here is that the tutorials (rightfully dubbed "Bravo Project") are entirely in French, untranslated, and not linked anywhere in his thread. Once those videos are posted, this presentation will be flawless.

These videos aren't just about mind-blowing tricks over a variety of maps. If you watch past the credits, you can really get a feel for how much fun they had making it. In that sense, they truly captured what tricking is all about.
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