And Then There Were Se7en...
The lives of seven members at HIH will change forever. Fate and luck has conspired to bring them together. Some will prosper. Some won't return my private messages. None of them will sleep with Reidon.

There's only two words to describe the links I'm about share with you.. epic epicness

If you haven't entered the lottery yet, you can do so by posting here ONCE!!

Nice write up for the announcements. Damn you all :p. Since I dident win, yet again, yall better have some good interviews.
Every single one of those people deserve it, awesome!

Welcome to the Custom Avatar/Title club.
I am so happeh =D =D =D
Chaøs;645034 says:

I am so happeh =D =D =D

I am so jealous D= D= D=
Honestly i forgot the lottery existed. I have been waiting so long to win, and now i finally have :D

I am victorious. lol
It was ironic that I was just talking about not ever winning after a couple years.

Ghost Faction;645027 says:

None of them will sleep with Reidon.

I will and have slept with him. >.>

Go zman!
Its been almost 2 and half years :(

Congrats everyone, you all deserve it.
Your still not as epic as me.

Austin phails lawl.
Yay! :">
Xetzu;646150 says:

Austin phails lawl.

Go eat some frosted flakes Tony...

Awesome! I can't believe I actually won!
I never win. 8[
ODST Unit Leader;647267 says:

I never win. 8[
I'm hoping you do, because I don't want you taking MY avatar... :mad:
These were so random, psh.