This Week's Lottery Winner: ForcefulXCon!
ForcefulXCon gained the ability to speak with animals after an encounter with an African shaman. ForcefulXCon is portrayed as a geek by her extensive zoological knowledge and her glasses and braces. She has long red hair that is usually worn in pigtails. She almost always wears a yellow shirt and red and yellow shorts. (Jeez... I should start writing for Wikipedia or something...)

ForcefulXCon's Diary

LOL at the Wild Thornberrys quote, but come on Ghost this is just getting ridunkulous.
zhimmy;659867 says:

this is just getting ridunkulous.
oh shi-
Lul grats

It's about time you won it sir.
Zhimmy;659867 says:


My gay neighbor uses that word
Anyway, fucking ":p" at the Wild Thornberry's thing. Chaos and I talk about that all the time.

Fucking emo Debbie