Time to put some lipstick on this pig
It may take those of you who have your bookmark set to the forum some time to see the changes, but for the rest of you, I wanted to say that it's high time the old girl got some fresh paint. A new site template has been created, and brings back the old familiar front page and navigation style.

The news is pulled from the forum dbase, and we'll be refining the BBcode parser as we go along, but it's working fairly well right now. This allows us to leverage the forum for news posting, and to resurrect the News Council so you guys can help us scour the forum for goodies. More on that soon.

It will take awhile to get our HIH content over to the new template, but we'll get there. I've been slowly seething over living inside vBulletin for a looonng time, and I'm glad to be free. So there you have it - doesn't mean much right now, as far as content, but this change gives us the freedom we need to keep HIH sailing smoothly along. Cheers.

Haha! YES!

The front page is looking pretty good, Duke. Very sleek.
Much better!

And the old front page =D
Hell yes, thanks for the awesome birthday present Duke. :)
Wooow... what a sexy new look! :D