Just Jump
Break out your favorite coffee vintage and enjoy the newest video from slYnKi. It's a Halo 1 jump video, very well done and fun to watch.

He says, "The jumps in this video were filmed with three intentions in mind. Firstly, to show off the mechanics of Halo 1 jumping. "Overjumping", long jumping, stacks, step stacks, insta-stacking, "slides" and grenade launches are all featured. Secondly, to film jumps that are harder than they look. It's important to keep that in the back of your head while you watch this. Lastly, and most importantly, just to have fun, hence the title."

Stop by the forum thread and enjoy. (Thanks AllShallPerish)

Awesome stuff! I enjoyed it. :)
ODST;801571 says:

Awesome stuff! I enjoyed it. :)


2nd time in a week lul
Great video slYnKi! I thought all of the jumps were spectacular.
Thanks a lot for the frontpage mention!