That old(school) familiar feeling
HB sa' lamee says, "Causeofdeath15 has come up with a new variety video, which brings the familiar oldschool feeling back. Containing crazy Warthog launches, Cutscene Mess Ups and much more, this video is definitely worth a watch."

This is a Halo 2 video, and you'll like the last part for sure - the soccer ball to the top of the scarab gun bridge. OMGHUWHA!?

It's good to see anything related to H2 get FP and this is a good watch.
This is what I consider FP material. :)
Thanks guys! :)

It was certainly fun(time consuming and difficult) to make... Especially the launches and soccer ball. Hopefully, I'll never need to get it back up there again because my save file got screwed up while attempting a trick. Oh well...