Halo 2 has a pulse
Grumpy says, "POTS spoke of 'The Prestige' in tricking, meaning if you get up somewhere, you must get back down and HB sa' lamee did that here in Regret. There's more tricks in this variety vid so check it out.

In a separate thread he utilized one of dantheman87's mobile nade piles for an SP BAW and a great launch in the Nexus room on Quarantine Zone that even impressed KORHL.

Bring us back to life with your show of support, HB worked his tail off on these."

Excellent stuff.

Thanks for FP'ing this one, Duke.
HB sa' lamee;814476 says:

Thanks for FP'ing this one, Duke.

Grats on the FP, HB. :)
I love how the few people still on the H2 forum are working hard to accomplish these tricks. Good work guys. I look forward to seeing you guys accomplish the impossible (including the Cairo cutscene room. HB or Grumpy - I know one of you will accomplish this.)
Wow! Keep it up!
Ducain;814465 says:

HB worked his tail off on these.

he had a tail?
<3 you all.