A holiday season Halo 1 variety vid
I've been off the grid since about Thanksgiving (on purpose), and I apologize for leaving the news high and dry. Not really trying to catch up now - just stopping in and saw this latest bit of coolness from slYnki - a holiday season variety vid from Halo 1 land.

He says, "This is a variety video, and there is certainly a nice variety of tricks in here. Almost a little bit of everything. Bumping, launching (including two deleted scenes from Dosage), vehicle collections, AI trickery, and even a tidbit of uncharacteristic multiplayer action. There's a couple new things, but mostly it's the same deal as last year. Just a collection of old school tricks and glitches, all of which should bring back memories and make you guys smile."

That it does. Stop by the forum thread and have some Halo 1, and maybe a little eggnog.

The perfect gift... :cool:
Ducain: you missed.... a...... lot......

Still love you though;)
Bob NLD;840229 says:

Ducain: you missed.... a...... lot......

Still love you though;)

I know - sorry.
If you can spare a few minutes, you should check out "Origins" by Project Air. It's a Halo 3 jump video and it's definitely worth a frontpage. EOA Episode 7 by DWT Productions should be up here as well, not to mention the Halo 2 christmas variety video! I feel bad that the only video posted recently is mine ._.

Ooh ooh, and if Josh or nate would submit "Renegade" to the frontpage, that's a stellar video as well. Duke, you've missed so much! XD
Good show indeed.