Tower To Tower - Finally Complete

HIH must briefly awaken from cryo for an event like this...

In September of 2004, in the VERY early days of HIH, a strange and seemingly impossible challenge began to take shape. The idea was to attempt to perform a warthog/grenade launch from the top of a blue beam tower, and LAND the MC on the top of another blue beam tower (level Halo in the original game).

You can view the forum thread where it was first mentioned by clicking here.

This challenge has been attempted by many people and groups over the years, and has defeated them all. Shortly before HIH went into cryo, a resurgence of effort began to take place, led mostly by MrMonopoly. After the cryo, he continued his attempts, documenting the effort on the trick forums at

In the last few days, he was joined by Duelies, who decided to make an attempt of his own. After coming excruciatingly close to landing it a couple of times, MrMonopoly was beaten to the punch by Duelies on Saturday.

The challenge is finally complete. (Click for his forum thread, and video links)

Many (myself included) doubted that this challenge would ever be conquered. I'm happy to have our collective doubts proven wrong, and I couldn't think of a newspost more worthy to sit atop the front page of HIH indefinitely. The collaboration and effort of so many on a challenge like this epitomizes what is best about the Halo online community.

Please take time to watch the video, because Duelies took great care to include history, footage of past tries, his setup process (which is cool to watch on its own), and the final success launch and landing.

I'm including a few HIH mirrors of the video created by Duelies for archive purposes.

Full length mpg (95 MB)
Full length mov (95 MB)
Clip of launch and ending credits (14 MB)

EDIT: MrMonopoly completed the landing as well! After all these years, two guys nail the challenge the space of a few days time. Amazing work.

EDIT 2: Here are mirrors for MrMonopoly's video:

mpg version
mov version

And my theory using a Banshee wall was wrong all along ;)

Good job Duelies!
Very awesome job, Duelies!
This is history!


- spoiler - Feels great to post here!
I still find it weird that Boofass and I weren't traditionally Halo 1 trickers yet we both managed come the closest of anybody and I actually got the launch done.

I guess all the Halo 1 vets were burnt out on T2T.
T2T is strong coffee; it even woke HIH up.
that was sick.
Like I said before, this was the best thing I have ever seen. You guys deserve a truck full of bunnies... Each!
I will ruin my perfect 700 post count for this. Duelies, you are a legend. No trick will ever compare to this one, man.
Finally! Congrats! :)
Awesome job man. I cant believe that it has finally been done. I will post my completion when I get it too though! :D
Well done, Duelies. You are a legend.

- spoiler - I agree with ASP. I've missed this place so much.
haha finally done! I missed HIH as it closed but this is finally a good and fitting ending.
Never thought I would be able to post here again. This feels good.

Wonderful work, Duelies. Everyone's dedication to this challenge over the last 7 years has been amazing.
Incredible job. I can't believe I'm posting again on HIH. It feels so weird, but amazing at the same time. I miss when this forum used to be extremely active.

And since I never really got to say goodbye, I'd just like to say that I really love all you guys so much. I'll never forget logging on to HIH to catch up on Halo, and reading all the drama that was caused over these past years. <3
I'm glad Duke opened this thread up to let everyone post, so for that I thank you <3. Duelies, I've never been very active around here, and you probably have no idea who I am but I'd like to say, you are epic. I've lurked around this site for a very long time, and I know how much this trick meant to the community, and for it to finally be completed (on the day Halo 4 was announced none the less) brings back memories of the good days when great tricks were being done on a daily basis. Thank you for bringing back that euphoria of watching a great trick being completed. You sir, are a legend. I have NEVER seen professional Mongolian contortionists do that. <3
Sell it! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

+1 post count, bay-bee! XD
Wow, I'm posting at HIH again. Ohhhhh happy days.

The monster has been slain, finally.
Seriously, I can post! AMAZING! THANK YOU! I didn't get to leave any final goodbyes, but anyway...
Great work guys, I like how you document these attempts and methods used to complete this challenge. The video felt a little drawn out and sound would have been great, even without music, but that was really sick.
Hey, can they do it again on November 15, 2011. (Now may be a good time to unfreeze HIH for a little longer.)
Nice... very very nice
AHHH it feels SO good to post here again!! Thank you SO much for opening this back up temporarily.

And CONGRATULATIONS to Duelies for completing it, for Mr. Monopoli/Boofass for making us all realize "yes, this IS possible," and for everyone else beforehand who made this possible.

Man, oh, man.

EDIT: And when cutscene room is finished, you'll open back up for that, too?
So very impressed with you guys, congrats to Duelies for completing the grandaddy of tricking challenges.
It's been a wild ride watching you and Monopoli have a go at this, Duelies. But I'm sure it's nothing like what you two have been feeling. I'm so very excited for you, since you completed this. I'm excited for HIH and the tricking community to finally see this one laid to rest. This is our Mythic, and you nailed it to the wall.

Congratulations. This is one of the silly things I'll hold on to for years to come. I might one day try to explain the myth, lore and majesty of this trick to my kids. I'll fail to convey the time this consumed and heartbreak this caused for YEARS. But I'll remember those few who land it, and you first (and so far only) among them.

I hope this is truly farewell, as there is no better way to close HIH. I close my post one last time:

Yours truly,

On another note,
It makes me wonder if we can nail this in the Halo CE Anniversary Edition.

Never thought I could post here again.

Comgratz to you, sir. But please don't forget all the people who spend a bazillion hours attempting this trick. So congratz to everyone who has involved in this trick whatsoever.

Peace, love, good luck in life.

- Bob
Way to go Duelies!!! I think it's safe to say that Bungie never dreamed something like this would happen when they first made them :cool:.
Someone needs to call Edmonton and wake up slYnki.
and, Duke, you wouldn't believe how hard i tried to post "LAST!!!" as the final post in the 77 thread. I missed it by a few seconds.
hi this is awesome
How long is this staying open?
Wow! Congratulations Duelies, I wish more people would have seen this. It's been 7 years and finally you did the impossible.

One thing I noticed: If those two hogs were not on the second tower, you would have still made it. You could have save some time you know? Haha but anyways, incredible job to you!
Congrats Dulies! Also, way to go everyone involved in beating this trick into submission. I will love this site forever.

Incredible!! This is what tricking is all about! :D

Miss this place... :( :)
Hell yeah, great job Duelies! Finally this challenge is complete. Just feels perfect that this happened right after HIH went into cryo. Now that Halo 4 is announced can we like.... unfreeze it in 2012.... pweeeze :(.
You sir are win as-well as everyone else that attempted T2T.
posting in hih again!!!!!
it is an excellant trick done by excellent people, it's the perfect thing to be at the top of this magnificent site forever
Congrats Duelies! I can't think of a better way for HIH to go out, the one challenge that survived through the years - unconquered. It's been great guys! Long live HIH. Long live tricking!

On a side note: Duelies is $50.00 and a signed Halo 2 guide richer!

Also! Here is my goodbye:
- spoiler - I am filled with regret since I missed the end of High Impact Halo, a place where I called home for 7 full years of my life. I also regret being inactive this past year (and a half). I got caught up in life during my first year of college but I always thought HIH would be there. Now that is has gone into cryo, I wish I could say my final goodbyes.

It's not possible for me to name all the people that have impacted me. I have made so many friends. It brought a smile to my face, though a tear or two came to my eyes, as I was looking back at the Yap and Blabber and recognized every single name.

I can't thank HighImpactHalo for being my personal sanctuary.

Long live HIH. Long live Yappers. Long live PUG. Long live OrbisSanctum.

I love you all.

Please, Join the facebook page if you haven't already.
[P.S. For those of you who always made fun of my prepubescent voice, it's gone now. ">
Tyler, aka Pkabooicu
Closing the lid again guys - great to have this challenge in the books.