We're trying a new idea here to catch up on some of the news posts, most of which were Jumping. Working with Reidon (thanks Reidon) to make sure no jumping goodness is passed by, we present to you a non-regular Jumping round up!

First in the mix is the Team FX's Jump Mix 2! The tactical use of the new edge Ghost Jump (no Ghosts involved, just go watch) is rather staggering to think of. The Vid also has a huge variety of standard jumps, more than making this one worth your time.

Second is Scoringhornet and Stikfigure's Hornet Stack Session 2! Filled with some insane grenade jumps, this vid gets massive air and is sweetly edited. Fast and intense, and really showcases how specialized these Jumping dudes are in their craft.

Finally BuddhaCrane's On Speed 2 takes you for some good long jumps, a new type of speedy overjump, and some great editing. Don't miss the link to the first vid while you're there! Very well done to all!
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